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The YouTube Era

For anyone who loves numbers, we have one more for Mariah: YouTube daily views

How Mariah is performing in the YouTube Era

During the height of her success in the mid-90s, Mariah Carey was continuously setting new records, and her music videos were heavily featured on MTV and VH1 (remember Mariah Weekend?). Since YouTube didn’t exist back then, it’s understandable that these videos didn’t receive the immediate streaming benefits of their release day. However, against all odds, even after 30 years, these videos still attract hundreds of millions of views.

Currently, Mariah has amassed 7.4 billion views overall music videos, with a daily average of 1.5-2 million views. She is ranked 110 as a worldwide artist with the most music video views to date.

20 videos have surpassed 100 million views and I Still Believe seems to be the next in line to join the club.

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The Daily YouTube figures

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