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Who are we?

As devoted fans, we have been tracking Mariah’s success over the years and are excited to share it with fellow lambs or any music enthusiast. With access to real-time data and information, we aim to provide a comprehensive and engaging view into one of the most beloved artists of our time. We hope you enjoy exploring Mariah’s impressive music career and stay tuned for regular updates and new features.

Our mission

Here at Mariahpedia, our mission is to offer fans unprecedented access to exclusive data and figures that have previously been inaccessible to those without paid subscriptions or access to premium insights. By providing this information free of charge, we aim to provide a valuable resource for all avid Mariah Carey enthusiasts. With regular updates and additional figures, we strive to become the go-to source for all things related to the legendary singer’s remarkable career and musical evolution. We welcome your engagement and contribution as we work together to celebrate and expand Mariah’s impressive accomplishments.

Our vision

Our vision for Mariahpedia is to become the ultimate online destination for all Mariah Carey fans, offering them access to exclusive data and insights on the beloved singer’s impressive musical journey. With a focus on expanding and updating our offerings on a regular basis and seeking input and support from the community, we aim to provide a comprehensive and interactive platform for fans to celebrate and marvel at one of the most remarkable artists in the history of music.
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