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Big Energy Remix joins the 100 million club

Latto & Mariah Carey’s ‘Big Energy Remix’ hits 100M Spotify streams, a testament to its irresistible blend of dynamic energy and iconic vocals. 

Big Energy Latto Mariah Carey

Who is Latto?

Alyssa Michelle Stephens, professionally known as Latto (formerly Miss Mulatto), is an American rapper and singer. Born on December 22, 1998, in Columbus, Ohio, she gained recognition after winning the first season of Jermaine Dupri’s reality TV series, The Rap Game, in 2016. However, she turned down the record deal offered as the winner, opting to be an independent artist.

Latto’s upbringing in Clayton County, Georgia, influenced her street credibility, but she faced bullying in school due to her being “light-skinned,” which inspired her stage name. At the age of ten, she decided to pursue a rap career and began writing her songs. Prior to music, Latto participated in drag racing.

On September 24, Latto dropped the lead single, “Big Energy,” from her eagerly awaited second studio album. The track soared to new heights, becoming Latto’s highest-charting song on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number three. “Big Energy” incorporates a sample from Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love,” the same sample famously used in Mariah Carey’s 1995 hit “Fantasy.”

Despite initial comparisons between both songs, Latto dismissed any intentional similarities, claiming she was unaware of Mariah’s classic number one. However, the lyrics of “Big Energy” have sparked speculation, with lines like “Bad bitch, I could be your fantasy” leading many to believe this might not be true.

Latto’s Dream Collaboration with Mariah Carey

Latto’s dream of collaborating with the iconic Mariah Carey on the “Big Energy” remix became a reality after months of hopeful anticipation. Despite initially thinking it was a far-fetched idea, Latto’s vision of having the legendary singer on the remix started taking shape back in November 2021. Mariah Carey, with her trailblazing career and extraordinary vocal talents, was her first choice, but Latto admittedly “did not think [she] could get her realistically.”


On March 25, 2022, the highly-anticipated announcement was made, revealing that the “Big Energy” remix would indeed feature Mariah Carey alongside record producer DJ Khaled. The remix’s release was scheduled for March 28, and fans were ecstatic at the prospect of the two powerhouse artists joining forces.

Before the reveal, speculation regarding the featured artist grew as Latto intentionally blurred the name on the album’s tracklist, heightening anticipation. The reveal finally came through the single cover art, with both Latto and Mariah engaging in a Twitter exchange that further fueled excitement among their dedicated fan bases.

The “Big Energy” (Remix) turned out to be a musical masterpiece that blended Latto’s confident and fiery rap verses with Mariah Carey’s signature whistle notes and soulful vocals. In a stunning display of musical synergy, Mariah beautifully interpolated the opening verse of her iconic hit “Fantasy,” which shared the same sample with “Big Energy”.

The post-chorus seamlessly merged both songs, resulting in a harmonious and electrifying fusion of pop and R&B elements. Critics and fans alike marveled at the collaboration, with Ellise Shafer of Variety describing it as a “crossover of epic proportions” due to the shared sample between the two songs. Glenn Rowley of Billboard called it a “sparkling collab“, while Caitlin White of Uproxx hailed it as a “bonafide R&B/pop hit“. However, some critics noted that Mariah Carey’s captivating vocals somewhat overshadowed Latto’s rap delivery, as she “tastefully upstaged” her in the remix.

The impact of the “Big Energy” (Remix) was further recognized when it earned a nomination for the prestigious Song of the Summer Award at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. The nomination marked a special moment for Mariah Carey, as it was her first at the ceremony in fourteen years since “Touch My Body” in 2008.

Despite the remix not having an accompanying music video, Mariah playfully expressed her gratitude for the nomination on Twitter, saying, “Of course, I get nominated for a VMA for a song I didn’t even shoot a video for! Lol..thank you VMAs!!!” (1). Nevertheless, Mariah ended up joining Latto at the 2022 BET Awards for a surprise live performance of the remix.

The remix has achieved a remarkable milestone, quickly surpassing the 100 million stream mark on Spotify. Even over a year after its release, the song continues to attract a massive global audience, garnering over 50 thousand daily streams worldwide. Notably, this success has also revitalized the popularity of “Fantasy,” the original track that probably served as the foundation for the remix.

“Fantasy” is now racking up an impressive average of 250-300 thousand daily streams, showcasing a significant increase of 50-100 thousand streams compared to last year. These impressive streaming figures are a testament to the enduring appeal of the remix and its lasting impact. At this rate, we should probably start preparing the 500 million article.

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