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Mariah Carey now owns November 1st with her viral “It’s Tiiiiime” announcement: A Mariah Meme History

Mariah’s “It’s time” memes have once again taken over November 1st. Fans eagerly await her yearly ritual as celebrities and global personalities join in on the festive fun. Her domination over social media spreads worldwide as a global phenomenon. Will this be the year she breaks her streaming records once again?

Mariah Carey 2022 It's Time meme

As we all know, Mariah Carey is the queen of number ones, the queen of R&B, the queen of selling endless million-selling albums, and the queen of Christmas. But has she now taken on a new title: the queen of November the 1st? Considering the positive fan reaction to her yearly announcements and the anticipation for her upcoming video, the signs are already pointing to her adding a new crown to her already impressive collection.

From humble beginnings as a simple iPhone recording of Mariah Carey waking up on November 1st, her “It’s Tiiiiime” memes have grown into a worldwide phenomenon. As she explained in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, what started as a low-budget Instagram video has become larger than life as fans anticipate her next comedic announcement every year.

Mariah Carey has been crowned the Queen of November 1st by us, as her “It’s Tiiiiime” memes rule millions of views each year and expectations are set ever higher. With new streaming records broken, her announcement video can serve as a prediction for Spotify records for this year. So, let’s take a look at the history of Mariah Carey’s epic announcements and how this year’s iteration blew up in spectacular fashion.

How it all began…

The year was 2019 and Mariah Carey kept her fans on the edge of their seats with multiple insta reels announcing “Not yeeeeet” leading up to November 1. On the special day, a midnight video of her falling asleep in a rockstar Halloween costume and suddenly waking up in her Mariah Christmas pyjamas to answer Santa’s phone call, announcing that “It’s Tiiiiime,” was released. Despite being a low-budget video, it delighted fans, allowing them to share the occasion with their loved ones.

The video received 2.5 million views on Instagram, four times the number her usual videos were pulling in. The comments were filled with delight, showing her that fans loved the announcement of the holidays. Given the overwhelmingly positive response, we’re sure that this is what motivated Mariah to turn her video into an annual event.

A Pandemic Christmas

2020 had its fair share of challenges, mainly due to the pandemic and restrictions on social gatherings. In need of holiday cheer, the world anxiously awaited Mariah Carey to announce the beginning of Christmas. As queen of Christmas herself, who better to deliver the seasonal joy fans craved?

As the world was locked at home, surfing the web in search of entertainment, Mariah Carey’s November 1st announcement video blew up, garnering a staggering 20 million Instagram views. An unexpected sight awaiting them was a Freddy-like Halloween costumed man opening the door into a Christmas-themed paradise, where Mariah can be spotted kneeling and delivering her famous high-pitched announcement, filling the world with joy and holiday spirit.

As the meme went viral, it became clear that Mariah’s yearly video announcement had become a beloved tradition that couldn’t be stopped. Fans eagerly anticipate the new ways in which she will make her famous announcement.

Mariah Carey Crashes a Pumpkin to Tell Us It’s Tiiiiime

2021 marked the first time that Mariah Carey started raising the stakes and delivering a 52 million instaviewed video that would soon become iconic.

Mariah Carey quietly enters an autumnally decorated room, home to three pumpkins. Each pumpkin is carved with the words “It’s. Not. Time,” only to have the “Not” pumpkin smashed by a large candy cane hammer wielded by Carey herself in a red sequin dress. The sound of an iconic squeak fills the room as the pumpkin smashes and Carey is left covered in Christmas fluff, bringing holiday cheer and announcing that it is now “Tiiiiime”!

Riding into Christmas

In 2022, the world was already gearing up for the iconic ‘Tiiiiime’ meme, eagerly anticipating the yearly tradition. As evidenced by the 78 million views the video garnered to date, the buzz was alive and well. Fans knew Mariah Carey would once again deliver an unforgettable announcement video, and she didn’t disappoint.

With the theme of The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West, Mariah Carey rides a bicycle through Sleepy Hollow while donning a full leather suit. However, just as fans expected, she appears at the end of her ride, atop a stuffed reindeer, ready to announce the arrival of the holiday season.

The Defrosting Has Begun

Mariah Carey is no stranger to viral memes, having become the focal point of numerous memes over the years. So this year, to fans’ delight, it seems she has fully embraced the trend and ran with it, delightfully giving the people exactly what they want and more.

Frosted in a large block of ice, Mariah Carey is seen patiently waiting to be defrosted, ready to crack the ice with her signature whistle register. The video quickly went viral, achieving almost 90 million views within just five days on Instagram, confirming once again that Mariah is the uncontested “Queen of November 1st”.

If the record-breaking 90 million views of Mariah Carey’s latest November 1st “It’s Tiiiiime” announcement within five days wasn’t impressive enough, it now stands as the most-viewed video of all time on the platform X (formerly Twitter) with over 117 million views. Sorry haters, the meme now belongs to Mariah. “This is as iconic as the NYE ball drop” says one excited fan.

With staggering numbers for a traditional video by the Queen announcing the holiday season, it’s safe to predict Mariah is set to break her own 2022 record of 20 million streams as “Most played song in 24 hours” on Spotify. We also wonder if Mariah is already planning the next big “Tiiiiiime” video for 2024… the pressure daahhling!

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