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Mariah Carey: Queen of Christmas Streaming! All Time Holiday Favorites We Jammed to in September

As the holiday season draws near and people start pulling their Christmas favorites off the shelf, Mariah Carey once again starts gaining momentum with her festive tunes. So, in order to get in the spirit, we decided to take a look at her recent September streaming success. While “All I Want for Christmas is You” will always be a Christmas icon, the Queen of Christmas still manages to emerge with other classics every year. Here are some of our favorite Mariah Carey holiday jams that kept us in the Christmas spirit all through September.

With October already here and Mariah’s anticipated Halloween meme announcing “It’s tiiiiiiiime” yet to be released, her Christmas classics are off to an impressive start in September. While the month may not be associated with the festivities, it’s apparent that the festive spirit is in full swing with Mariah Carey’s songs bubbling in streams. It seems October will bring even more holiday cheer as we inch closer to the holiday season, but for now, let’s sit back with some of the Queen of Christmas’ classic hits that kept us in the Christmas spirit all through September.

Merry Christmas – The Original Album

Mariah’s first Christmas album has been loved by fans since its release and is showing signs of being certified Diamond by the RIAA this holiday season. While we wait for it to happen, lamb fans aren’t taking any chances and are streaming the album at a record pace. Mariah’s festive songs are a certified hit, so it’s no surprise that her fans are playing them on repeat as they embark on the holiday season.

All I Want for Christmas is You, Mariah’s most iconic festive hit, is unsurprisingly the top climber in September. With over 5 million streams in just that month, the song was replayed an average 293 thousand times per day. However, as October rolls by, streams have skyrocketed to 350 thousand daily on average during the first week alone, and there’s no doubt that they will continue to grow as we get deeper into the holiday season.

The second most steamed holiday tune for September was Mariah’s rendition of Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)“. With 578 thousand streams over the 30-day period, it averaged almost 30 thousand streams daily. Mariah’s rendition of this classic festive track is fast approaching the original, which currently holds 245 million streams. Certified platinum in March 2022, the song would need to reach a total of 300 million streams in the US across all platforms to double the certification…

Mariah Carey Halloween postcard

The third most beloved track from Mariah’s album was “O Holy Night“, which we believe is the best rendition of the song ever recorded. With nearly 350 thousand streams last month, it averaged out at a 16 thousand daily streams. We’re certain that the song has gained over 75 million U.S streams since its certification of Gold in October 2019 to warrant the Platinum certificate. This makes the song a firm favorite for Mariah fans, and it’s no surprise that they continue to stream it in droves.

While the next stream numbers are not as high as her fan favourites, other festive staples such as “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “Silent Night,” “Hark! The Herald,” “Joy to The World,” “Miss You Most,” “Jesus Born on this Day,” “Jesus oh What a Wonderful Child,” and lastly “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” continue to draw in thousands of daily streams. As October hits the road running, it’s undeniable that the original version of the album with almost 7 million streams on Spotify during September is on track to be a drop in the bucket compared to the upcoming holiday streams.

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The Bubbling Hits

Mariah isn’t stopping at her 1994 holiday classic album, as she’s delivered more festive tunes and remixes for our delight. And while the original tracks have remained an iconic staple of the holiday season, new renditions of songs have become increasingly popular, with some becoming highly streamed.

Mariah’s holiday hit, “Oh Santa!“, was her fourth most popular festive track in September, with over 10 thousand streams per day, for a total of 105 million streams to date. Note that in September both the original and the collaboration versions with Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande were added to the same track, which has since changed back to being separate tracks this month. It is anticipated that the song has reached Gold eligibility due to the sheer number of streams and hopefully the team will update this.

Mariah Carey feat Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande Oh Santa

AIWFCIY (feat. Justin Bieber) was Mariah’s fifth most streamed Christmas tune for September, with almost 9000 daily streams, making it almost certain that the song will soon join her roster of 100 million+ streamed songs. This also makes it Justin Bieber’s third most streamed Christmas song on Spotify.

AIWFCIY (Magical Christmas Mix) has surprisingly been Mariah’s 11th most streamed track for September, which shows how popular the song is however it’s recorded. This version was part of Apple’s exclusive Special, and despite never being released as a promo single or a physical copy, it has still surpassed 1 million streams.

Mariah’s holiday release from 2021 entitled “Fall in Love at Christmas” was her 14th most streamed track on the platform in September. With an impressive 11 million streams to date and an average of 1200 daily streams, the song is already showing promise as one of the festive favorite picks this holiday season. And finally “Sleigh Ride“, Mariah’s beloved cover of the iconic Ronettes’ Christmas carol, made the top 20 Mariah Christmas tracks in September, securing the 15th position with 3.5 million streams to date and 22,000 daily streams on Spotify alone.

Mariah Carey Merry Christmas Ii You

The Sophomore Jinx?

Mariah’s “Merry Christmas II You” is the second of her festive albums to be released, though it has not yet received the same amount of attention as “Merry Christmas.” Despite containing some legendary medleys and an uptempo “Auld Lang Syne” for the New Year’s, the album has not even accumulated 78 million streams on the platform to date. Nonetheless, it still managed to generate 412 thousand streams in September, and it is hoped that its popularity will increase every holiday season as fans get into the festive spirit.

Although September is not typically considered a festive month (unless you live in the Philippines), Mariah’s holiday songs still managed to attract 7.7 million streams and the numbers will continue to accumulate exponentially as the holiday season draws near. This means new holiday records, streaming numbers, sales, and certifications for the Queen of Christmas! Who else gets to celebrate their idol’s guaranteed accolades every year 30 years into her career? For detailed insight, see our chart below breaking down her festive song streams by month. While the numbers may seem staggering for this time of year, Mariah’s fans and the rest of the world know no limits and are prepared to listen to her Christmas classics on loop to celebrate another year of her seasonal success.

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