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Spread Mariah Carey Christmas Cheer

Spread holiday joy with Mariah Carey Christmas cards this season! Choose a card, write your message, and send it to anyone worldwide – all for 4 euros. Perfect for sharing the festive cheer with friends and family!

Mariah with mariahpedia postcards

Even though the Queen of Christmas hasn’t announced “it’s time” yet with her traditional November meme, Christmas lovers have to plan ahead and make sure their loved ones get their Christmas cards in time to hang for the holidays: whether for adding to the festive decorations at the fireplace, the Christmas tree, or the Christmas table.

This year, we wanted to make it extra festive and created a line of Christmas cards themed after Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas. That way, everyone can enjoy the Mariah Christmas ahead and not forget who’s in charge of the holidays this year.

Now you can celebrate your favorite Christmas Queen in style. For just 4 euros (approx. $4.20 USD), you can choose your favorite Mariah-themed postcard, personalize it with your own message, and send to anyone in the world so they can enjoy the holidays as you do. All in time for decorations.

Check out the growing collection available:


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