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Unlocking Mariah Carey’s “Portrait”: A Deep Dive with Audible’s ‘Words + Music

Mariah Carey Audible Portrait Words + Music

Mariah Carey and Audible are joining forces to deliver a captivating storytelling experience. The unmatched vocalist has been chosen as the featured guest for the 40th installment of Audible’s Words + Music series. Carey’s episode, titled “Portrait Of A Portrait,” is set to premiere on May 23, promising an extraordinary journey through her narrative.

Words + Music: The Series

Words + Music illuminates the journeys of today’s most impactful artists through exclusive audio productions tailored for Audible audiences. Combining personal narratives with exclusive performances, these musical tales embody the artistic visions of numerous acclaimed entertainers, such as St. Vincent, Common, Alanis Morissette, Smokey Robinson, Patti Smith, and Tom Morello. The latest legend will be, no other than, the legendary Mariah Carey.

Portrait of A Portrait

Mariah Portrait

The selected episode featuring Mariah delves deep into the genesis of her track “Portrait,” featured on her 2018 album “Caution.” Mariah recently expressed, “‘Portrait of a Portrait’ offers a profound exploration of my experiences as a songwriter.” She added, “I’m thrilled to invite listeners into the Butterfly Lounge for an authentic, unrestrained journey through my creative journey and the significance behind some of my most cherished songs.”

Audiences are in for a treat as they gain exclusive access to Carey’s creative process, with an intimate breakdown of her haunting ballad “Portrait”. Adding to the excitement, the episode will unveil an exclusive, previously unreleased house remix of the track. With anticipation, the Portrait EP will also be released on all streaming and digital platforms. The tracklist is as follows:

1. Album Version
2. Hopeful Child Remix – Radio Edit
3. Hopeful Child Remix – Edit
4. Hopeful Child Remix – 16 mins

In the following clip, Mariah reflects: “How do I a disappear is an even stronger question. How do I disappear is just like… someone who’s trapped. And the question is how do I get out of his situation. I have no idea how I get out of this situation. How do I disappear? How do I snap my fingers and suddenly no longer be here?

She continues, “And that’s a very scary, stomach tumbling kind of realization. Or I guess artistic realization to have.”

If you haven’t signed up for an Audible account yet, you can explore free trials here. For existing users, you can pre-add the content to ensure it’s instantly available in your library upon release.

As we anticipate the release, there’s no better way to prepare than by revisiting the track, unraveling its layers of meaning, and getting yourself geared up for the release date. With nearly 5 million streams on Spotify and an average of around 600 streams per day, the song has already made an impact. Nonetheless, we’re confident that this upcoming release will undoubtedly drive even more listens.

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