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Rumor Has It: Mariah Carey Possibly Releasing Lead Single This Friday!

Mariah Panic The City rumour release

We’ve been anticipating it eagerly. The news of Mariah’s upcoming music has been circulating for a while. However, whispers suggest that “soon” might arrive sooner than expected – perhaps even this Friday. Ok, so it’s April Fool’s Day, but Mariah doesn’t do April Fool’s and her lambily should know that by now. But yet we wonder. Or hope.

According to undisclosed sources, Mariah Carey is poised to release the lead single, “Panic The City,” from her much-awaited 16th studio album this very week.

As per the anonymous sources, there’s also speculation of a star-studded music video accompanying the song, featuring some surprise cameos.

So what are the confirmed details, what can we anticipate, and how reliable are these reports?

Panic The City

A few months ago, we had referenced the song “Panic the City” among our vault of unreleased tracks, confirming its existence.

Composed by Carey and Jermaine Dupri in 2009, the song resurfaced in a Twitter exchange between the two in 2011, hinting at its potential inclusion in a forthcoming album that never came to fruition until now. Adding to its intrigue, Dupri’s nephew disclosed in 2017 that the track carries a dance-centric vibe, as hinted by its title. Let’s just hope the reason it wasn’t released in the first place was because it wasn’t very good…

So, we’ve got confirmation from three sources, including Mariah herself, that the song is real. And knowing Mariah, she tends to start her albums with upbeat tracks. So, nothing too farfetched there.

The Star Studded Video

Recently, Mariah seems to be placing less emphasis on music videos, opting for low-budget concepts. However, it’s about time her team recognizes that relying solely on radio airplay and physical singles is outdated. These days, top-notch streaming engagement and high-quality YouTube videos are the real keys to success, replacing traditional Billboard points.

During the Emancipation era, Mariah Carey delivered impeccably crafted music videos. Given the rumored theme of “panic in the city” and potential surprise cameos, it’s only fitting to envision a glamorous New York nightlife backdrop for this lively dance track.

We’re anticipating an abundance of hair, numerous outfit changes, and rapid scene transitions with vibrant lighting to capture the essence of the nocturnal atmosphere. However, regardless of the concept, perfection is non-negotiable. Mariah and her team are undoubtedly aware of this and will ensure nothing less.

The Strategy to Number One

Now, onto the strategy. Will Mariah’s marketing team hit the mark this time around? There are several factors that could propel the song to the top spot if the team executes it effectively. How so?

Marketing Team: It’s time for a change. Relying solely on Mariah’s Instagram to spread the news won’t suffice. We’ve learned from past mistakes. Billboards, Spotify, YouTube ads, articles… Let’s announce MC16 properly; a 24-hour Insta story won’t cut it.

The song itself: an upbeat, uptempo track. Fans have been eagerly anticipating a return to Mariah’s classic dance style for quite some time. Think back to her lead singles like Dreamlover, Fantasy, Honey, and Heartbreaker – they were all smash hits that have endured over time. Just yesterday, to our surprise, we heard “It’s Like That” playing on the dancefloor, and to our delight, a sizable crowd knew every word by heart.

Plus, it’s a collaboration with Jermaine Dupri. He’s been behind some of Mariah’s biggest hits like Shake it Off, Get Your Number, It’s Like That, and We Belong Together. With that kind of track record, how could the song not be an absolute bop?

As for the video: We’ve voiced our hopes for an Emancipation-era style production, especially given her upcoming Emancipation Vegas Show – seems fitting, doesn’t it? But timing is crucial: there’s only one week to maximize every metric. It’s imperative that the video aligns with the song’s release on streaming platforms, harnessing the momentum of first-day streams and video views. If everything doesn’t come together to generate significant points in the first week, the momentum could falter and interest could wane.

Let’s talk about the vinyl: It’s all about embracing the nostalgia, dahling. A track like “Panic The City” practically begs for a vinyl release. And why stop there? Let’s throw in a cassette and CD single for good measure. Imagine a Mariah uptempo vinyl in bold, vibrant colors set against the backdrop of a bustling city nightlife. Once again, the key is availability on the same day. With physical sales, digital sales, and audio and video streaming all happening in sync during the same week, how could it not make a splash?

Timing is crucial here: It’s a significant year for female releases. Ariana’s album has just wrapped up its initial wave, Beyoncé’s momentum from her monumental first day is starting to wane, and Taylor’s highly anticipated album is slated for release on April 19th. With all this in mind, next Friday would be the perfect window to squeeze in Mariah’s release.

So whether it’s a confirmed rumor, an April Fool’s prank, dreaming for this reality is all we’re left with. We’ll see what happens in the upcoming days…

Rumor Mariah new single panic the city

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