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Dance into the New Year: Mariah Carey’s Top 12 Tracks to Ignite Your NYE Party

As the clock strikes 12, delve into the perfect New Year’s Eve party playlist with our selection of 12 Mariah tracks. Let the celebration begin!

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As we gear up for another round of festivities, it’s time to prepare for the New Year’s Eve bash and set the perfect tone. While glam, sparkle, and bubbly are essential, the key ingredient is music—specifically, Mariah’s music. While she’s renowned for her balladeer prowess and soulful R&B vocals, let’s not overlook the fact that this icon has dominated the Billboard Dance Charts 17 times, delivering some unforgettable dancefloor anthems.

The journey began in March 1991 with “Someday,” followed by “Emotions” later that year. Spanning through a multitude of remixes, the latest addition to her impressive number one Dance list came in April 2014 with “You’re Mine (Eternal),” featuring remixes from Fedde le Grand, Jermaine Dupri, and Gregor Salto.

Carey’s consistent success with specific remixes has solidified her status as one of the top Dance Club Songs artists, showcasing her ability to reinvent and conquer the dance music scene over the years.

Step into the rhythm of the night as we embark on a journey through the pulsating world of Mariah Carey’s remixes, perfect for a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration. In this curated list, we’ll explore not only her chart-topping gems from her dedicated Remixes album but also the hidden treasures found as B-sides to her chart-topping pop/soul/R&B singles. Get ready to dance your way into the New Year, guided by Mariah’s enchanting voice and the infectious beats that have earned her well-deserved accolades on the prestigious Dance Charts over the years.

1. Auld Lang Syne (The New Year’s Anthem) – Rosario Traditional Radio Edit

At the forefront of our New Year’s Eve party playlist sits Mariah Carey’s “Auld Lang Syne (The New Year’s Anthem)” – Rosario Traditional Radio Edit, claiming the #1 spot. This rendition is indispensable for setting the celebratory tone, featuring an incorporated countdown to midnight, traditional lyrics, and Mariah’s iconic vocals harmonizing with a thumping beat. Its perfect fusion of familiar melody and dance-worthy rhythm ensures an engaging experience where revelers can dance and sing along. To maximize the impact, strategic positioning is key: align the countdown to start precisely at 1:24 of the song, seamlessly transitioning into a spirited celebration.

While a myriad of Auld Lang Syne remixes by Johnny Vicious and Ralph Rosario offer an extra layer of beat, our top pick remains the Rosario Traditional Radio Edit. This specific track strikes a balance between honoring the original and infusing fresh extra beats. By choosing this rendition, you embrace tradition with a contemporary twist, making Mariah’s “Auld Lang Syne” the focal point of your New Year’s Eve festivities – a timeless anthem to welcome the coming year with joy and exuberance.

2. Fantasy (feat. O.D.B.) – Bad Boy Fantasy

Claiming the #2 spot on our countdown, we delve into the infectious sing-along spirit with Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy.” As we set the stage for a night of celebration, starting with a poppier vibe is essential. Amidst the plethora of remixes, the Bad Boy Fantasy Remix emerges as the standout choice. We love all the remixes for the song, but BBFR’s amplified hip-hop beat, staying true to the original masterpiece, strikes a perfect balance rather than diving into alternative melodies – we love the original, what can we say? What makes it even more enticing is its chorus, seamlessly blending the choruses from both the US and European versions of the original single, creating a universal appeal.

While the original remix boasts a slower beat at 102 bpm, our recommendation is to elevate the energy. Increase the tempo to 128 bpm and proportionally reverse the pitch for a livelier and fresher rendition. This tweak ensures a dynamic dance experience, infusing renewed vigor into a familiar favorite. So, as the night unfolds, let “Fantasy” be the vivacious soundtrack that keeps the party pulsating with energy and enthusiasm. You’re welcome.

3. Triumphant – Pulse Club Mix

Securing the #3 spot on our lineup is Mariah Carey’s “Triumphant,” specifically the Pulse Club Mix. Despite the initial reception when released in 2012, this remix injects a burst of life into the track, transforming it into a bombastic club anthem. The Pulse Club Mix strikes a perfect balance, seamlessly blending the essence of the original with an infectious beat. This remix doesn’t stray too far from the source material but introduces additional vocal acrobatics, elevating it to the status of a bona fide club jam. We honestly believe this should have been the original track.

With a dance-friendly tempo set at 126 bpm, “Triumphant” in the Pulse Club Mix version is a versatile choice that accommodates revelers of all ages. Its dynamic rhythm ensures that the dance floor remains vibrant and inviting, making it an ideal addition to the New Year’s Eve celebration playlist. And we’re definitely not alone in this choice; this remix is her most streamed out of all “Triumphant” remixes, boasting a current count of 726 thousand streams.

4. Here We Go Around Again

In 2020, Mariah Carey surprised fans by unveiling the 1990s rarity, “Here We Go Around Again.” With a Jackson 5 vibe added to it and her belty 90s vocals, Mariah created this masterpiece just perfect enough to get everyone on the dancefloor. However, like many of her original dance hits, the song is a bit slower than the usual dancefloor anthem at 114 bpm.

But again, notch the tempo up to 128, pitch shift in reverse at the same amount, and voilà – the pop tune is now a dance hit. The infectious energy of “Here We Go Around Again” captures the essence of Carey’s melismatic and belting abilities, inviting everyone to hit the dancefloor with a perfect blend of nostalgic charm and contemporary beats.

5. Penny Ford – I Lose Control

In a nod to the vibrant sounds of the 90s, we bring you I Lose Control” by Penny Ford, a track written by none other than Mariah Carey herself in 1993. OK, while Mariah isn’t the vocal force behind this one, the song’s infectious energy and undeniable bop-worthy quality make it a must-have on any dancefloor. And she did write it so it’s in the list.

When listening to the uptempo track, you can imagine the magic Mariah’s vocals might have infused into this hidden gem during the demo recording (if only someone could find it!). Despite the absence of Mariah’s voice, “I Lose Control” remains an absolute bop that will surely have your dancefloor attendees reaching for Shazam to discover this delightful piece of musical nostalgia.

6. Honey / Dreamlover Medley Unreleased Dance Mix

Mariah Carey Sailors Honey Gif

We know: this remix doesn’t exist. But crafting a dancefloor experience like no other, envision a unique Honey/Dreamlover medley – the unconventional but needed fusion Mariah Carey hasn’t officially yet released. Picture seamlessly blending these two iconic tracks, with the Honey piano intro’s hook sampled from “Hey DJ” by the World Famous Supreme Team continuously going on and on. Elevate the tempo to seamlessly integrate into your playlist, creating the ideal dance rhythm for these original pop anthems. And while you’re at it, keep the “Mariah and the sailors“‘ iconic moment on loop on a screen in the background.

We also know: various remixes exist for both songs, but many have transformed the original tracks from major to minor scales, imparting a darker feel more suited for a 5 am dancefloor. Though these remixes have their allure, the night has just begun, and we want to revel in the original poppy vibes before delving into the underground. If you possess the DJ skills to master this distinctive medley, consider this an urgent request – we’d love a copy ASAP to experience the magic you’ve created.

7. Dreamlover – Def Club Mix Edit

As the final echoes of the enchanting “do do do do” hook, borrowed from The Emotions’ “Blind Alley” in the original Dreamlover, resonate through the air, it marks the opportune moment to transition into a more evocative realm. Setting the stage for the House dance vibe, the Dreamlover – Def Club Mix Edit (shorter than the 10-minute long Def Club Mix) takes center stage. Teaming up with producer Dave Hall, Mariah, along with her formidable background singers, introduces an entrancing 121 bpm piano and bass-filled G minor track.

Close your eyes, surrender to the hypnotic rhythm, and let the music become the guiding force for your movements on the dancefloor.

8. Now That I Know

Amidst your dancefloor escapades, why look far and beyond for obscure remixes when the dancehall gem “Now That I Know” awaits conveniently on track number 5 of Mariah’s bestseller, Music Box?Ticking at a dance-friendly 118 bpm, this lively anthem unfolds with robust piano chords and Mariah’s exceptional vocals, ensuring a vibrant and engaging experience.

With its co-writing and production credits going to the esteemed Cole & Clivillés duo, one can’t help but wonder why this infectious bop didn’t command the club scene throughout the early ’90s.

9. Workin’ Hard – Terry Hunter Remix

Embracing dancefloor excellence, Mariah’s long-sheltered jewel, “Workin’ Hard,” undergoes a dazzling transformation in the Terry Hunter Remix, securing a well-deserved spot on the Grammy nomination list for Best Remixed Recording. After patiently resting in Mariah’s vault for three decades, the original track finally emerged into the limelight in 2023, offering fans a sonic delight. In an act of redemption for the prolonged wait, Mariah not only unveiled the original but also gifted enthusiasts with this additional remix, skillfully blending enhanced rhythms and instrumentals while preserving the soulful essence of the initial melody.

Make sure to include this remix in your New Year’s playlist, as it promises to kick off the year with an unforgettable dancefloor experience. With its vibrant beats and homage to Mariah’s musical journey, the Terry Hunter Remix of “Workin’ Hard” adds a fresh layer to the singer’s extensive repertoire. The remix not only secures its place as a standout contender for a Grammy but also demonstrates Mariah’s ability to breathe new life into her classic works.

10. e-lie – Circles (feat. Mariah Carey)

Revisiting the cherished realms of Mariah Carey’s musical history, the energetic dance anthem takes a fresh spin on the fan-favorite ‘Circles,’ originally featured in Mariah’s acclaimed 2005 album, The Emancipation of Mimi. The track, which contributed to Mariah’s Grammy Award triumph and achieved multiplatinum status, finds a vibrant new life in this uptempo reimagining.

The roots of ‘Circles’ trace back to a collaboration between Mariah Carey and James Wright, a creative process that inspired E-lie, the talent behind the reimagined version, to delve into this three-year project. He stumbled upon Mariah Carey’s captivating vocal which sparked a creative journey that led to the crafting of a catchy melody. To complement the vocal, a rich organ melody, and light percussion elements were added to enhance the groove’s texture without overpowering the track. The incorporation of M1 pianos added an uplifting presence, culminating in the final structure of this ‘Circles Remix’ The unofficial release garnered significant attention within the global dance scene, amassing millions of streams on platforms like Soundcloud and YouTube. When Mariah Carey herself discovered the track, she expressed her admiration for the track which led to the official release of ‘Circles Remix,’ a moment we are truly grateful for. Note to DJs: keep mixing Mariah, we’re here for it!

11. Emotions 12″ Club Mix

This remix holds a special place in the hearts of fans. Crafted by David Cole and Robert Clivillés as the main remix of “Emotions,” this mix is famously known as “Emotions” (12″ Club Mix)”. Although Mariah Carey retained her original vocals for this remake, she introduced a new gospel-style intro before the dance portion, a feature showcased during her performance of “Emotions” on MTV Unplugged in 1992 and at subsequent concerts. A music video was created for this 12″ club mix using the original’s footage, with minimal editing changes setting it apart from the Emotions video we know and love. This remix found its way into Carey’s 2003 remix album, The Remixes.

Beyond Carey’s discography, the influence of this remix extended to Canadian rapper Drake, who sampled the song’s 12″ Club Mix version in his 2018 track “Emotionless,” part of the Scorpion album. Notably, the remix’s dynamic House beat makes it an ideal choice for the energetic vibes of a New Year’s celebration, with a duration spanning almost six minutes.

12. The One – Richard Morel’s Pink Noise Mix

This mostly unknown remix, gives a sort of nostalgic feeling, perfect for the grand finale of your New Year’s Eve celebration. “The One – Richard Morel’s Pink Noise Mix“‘s soft vocal hook, gracefully weaving from start to finish, creates a dreamy ambiance that adds a dose of sentimental magic to your night. Although the original version might not be a personal favorite of ours, Richard Morel’s masterful remixing, known for collaborations with artists like Cyndi Lauper and Depeche Mode, transforms “The One” into a mesmerizing solo dance experience.

The addition of “pink noise,” typically used to induce relaxation, enhances this remix’s intent to create a soothing atmosphere while keeping it uptempo. As the party winds down, this remix sets the stage for moments of swaying and smiling, offering the perfect backdrop to welcome the magic of 2024.

Undoubtedly, numerous other remixes await inclusion in your New Year’s playlist, whether they’ve graced the summit of Billboard’s Dance Charts or received Mariah’s personal nod for her Remixes album. While this personally curated selection is crafted to enhance your NYE party soundtrack, we encourage you to explore and create your unique remix experience. Whatever your choice, infuse the night with the unmistakable flavor of Mariah. As the countdown begins, dance away into the New Year, and no matter where you are in the world: Happy New Year Lambily, and of course, everyone else!

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