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Mariah Carey’s ‘Shake It Off’ Reaches Spotify Milestone with 100 Million Streams

In the realm of music, certain timeless tracks have an unparalleled ability to captivate audiences across generations. Mariah Carey’s iconic hit, “Shake It Off,” stands as a testament to the enduring power of her artistry. As the world-renowned songstress continues to make waves in the music industry, her trailblazing success has once again come into the limelight with a remarkable milestone. With exuberant melodies and empowering lyrics, “Shake It Off” has garnered an astounding 100 million streams on Spotify, firmly establishing itself as one of Carey’s most celebrated tracks. This achievement not only reaffirms the song’s impact on listeners worldwide but also pays tribute to the unwavering spirit of an artist who has time and again overcome challenges, inspiring countless fans along the way. Join us as we delve into the journey of Mariah Carey’s “Shake It Off,” celebrating its enduring legacy and the mark it continues to leave on the hearts of music enthusiasts everywhere.

Emancipation – The Beginning of an Era

“The Emancipation of Mimi” stands as a defining moment in Mariah Carey’s illustrious career, marking a spectacular resurgence for the iconic songstress. Released on April 12, 2005, the album served as Carey’s tenth studio masterpiece and proved to be a profound personal and musical journey. Aptly named after her nickname “Mimi,” the record unveiled a newfound artistic freedom and vulnerability that captivated audiences worldwide. Merging elements of R&B, hip-hop, and pop, the album showcased Carey’s versatile vocal range and showcased her as a songwriter and producer, making it a testament to her creative prowess. With chart-topping hits like “We Belong Together” and “Shake It Off,” “The Emancipation of Mimi” not only earned critical acclaim and multiple awards but also reclaimed Mariah Carey’s position as one of the most influential and enduring figures in contemporary music. The album’s timeless appeal continues to resonate with fans, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of modern R&B and reaffirming Mariah Carey’s status as the “Queen of Melisma.”

The Creation of Shake It Off

“Shake It Off” by Mariah Carey was written by Mariah Carey herself, along with Johntá Austin, Bryan-Michael Cox, and Jermaine Dupri. The song, released in 2005, was intended to be the album lead single but after writing “It’s Like That” and “We Belong Together”, decisions shifted elsewhere. It became the third single from Carey’s tenth studio album, “The Emancipation of Mimi.” It was released as a commercial single in the United States while “Get Your Number” was released in other countries. It occupies a pivotal position in the album as the third track, setting the tone for the empowering and uplifting themes that unfold throughout. Lyrically, “Shake It Off” carries a powerful message of resilience and self-empowerment. It serves as an anthem for letting go of past troubles, embracing a positive outlook, and moving forward with strength and confidence, leaving the past to shake it off like a Calgon commercial – the 1970s one with a woman so fed up she decides to take a bubble bath in Calgon’s bath powder (hence Mariah bathing in a bubble bath in the video).

Mariah doing the Calgon commercial

Shake It Off Commercial Success

Mariah Carey’s “Shake It Off” was released on July 19, 2005, to widespread acclaim and eager anticipation from fans and critics alike. The song quickly became a commercial success, making a remarkable impact on the Billboard charts. Upon its debut, “Shake It Off” soared to number two on the Billboard Hot 100, being blocked from the top position by none other than Carey’s “We Belong Together“. The track also found tremendous success on charts in other countries, reaching the top ten in various territories across the globe.

The song also reached the top 10 in countries such as Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. Note that at the time, “We Belong Together” was still number one in more than 20 countries around the world at the time.

When We Belong Together blocked Shake It Off at number one

During the first week of its release back in 2005, “Shake It Off” made an impressive impact on the physical singles market, selling over 77,000 physical copies. In July 2019, Mariah Carey’s hit single “Shake It Off” achieved a significant milestone by being certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). This prestigious accolade reaffirmed the enduring popularity and commercial success of the empowering anthem. The song’s platinum certification recognized its remarkable sales and streaming performance in the United States, reflecting its widespread appeal and enduring impact on audiences.

The Era of High End Videos

The music video for Mariah Carey’s “Shake It Off” is a vibrant and visually captivating masterpiece. Directed by Jake Nava, the video showcases a luxurious and glamorous setting, where Mariah effortlessly glides through various stunning scenes and outfit changes. The video perfectly complements the song’s empowering message, as Carey exudes confidence and resilience while gracefully dismissing negativity and embracing self-assurance.

Upon its release, the video received widespread praise and recognition, earning a nomination at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) for Best Female Video. Though “Shake It Off” was a fan-favorite, it faced tough competition and ultimately lost to Beyoncé’s “Check On It.” Nonetheless, the nomination itself stood as a testament to the video’s artistic merit and its impact on the music industry.

The music video’s popularity further soared as fans and viewers eagerly embraced it, driving it to receive an astonishing number of requests to be played on TRL (Total Request Live) on MTV during its first week. With over 500,000 requests pouring in, “Shake It Off” quickly became a dominant presence on the iconic music video countdown show, solidifying its status as one of the most beloved and celebrated tracks of Mariah Carey’s illustrious career.

Shaking the Streaming Era

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, the criteria for measuring a song’s success have undergone a significant transformation. While physical sales and airplay were once powerful indicators of popularity, the current metrics heavily rely on streaming on music platforms and video views. Unfortunately, this shift means that songs released before the streaming era, such as those predating Spotify like “Shake It Off”, missed out on the opportunity to reach their peak of success and accumulate millions of streams in their initial weeks.

However, Mariah Carey’s status as a true legend has proven to transcend time and technology. Her timeless classics continue to find new life in the digital age, amassing streams not only from her devoted fanbase but from the wider public as well. “Shake It Off” stands as a shining example of this phenomenon, having now joined Mariah Carey’s esteemed 100 million stream club. As her 18th song to achieve this remarkable feat, it reaffirms the enduring appeal and universal admiration for her music amassing a daily average of 55000 streams worldwide on the Spotify platform alone. Youtube-wise, the video has amassed 77 million views to date and counts an average of 25000 views per day. These streams are a testament to the enduring legacy of Mariah Carey’s artistry and her unparalleled ability to connect with audiences across generations, making her an irreplaceable and cherished figure in the world of music.

In conclusion, Mariah Carey’s “Shake It Off” reached the impressive milestone of 100 million streams on Spotify and stands as a testament to the enduring power of her music. As an iconic figure in the music industry, Mariah’s legendary status has allowed her timeless classics to transcend generations, captivating both devoted fans and the wider public. The song’s continued success in the digital era demonstrates the unwavering appeal of Mariah Carey’s artistry and her ability to create music that resonates deeply with listeners. With each stream, “Shake It Off” reaffirms its status as an anthem of resilience and empowerment, inspiring individuals to embrace positivity and strength in the face of adversity. As the song continues to touch the hearts of millions, its legacy becomes etched in the fabric of music history, securing Mariah Carey’s place as one of the most influential and beloved artists of all time.

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