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Deck Your Halls with Yellow: Urban Outfitters Releases Hero Yellow Vinyl Just in Time for Christmas Gifts

This Christmas, give the gift of music with the new Hero yellow vinyl single by Urban Outfitters. The track is out just in time for holiday shopping, the perfect present for any Mariah Carey fan. Don’t miss out on spreading holiday cheer with this limited-edition vinyl single.

Mariah Carey Hero Single Yellow Urban Outfitters

Finding the perfect gift for your lamb friend can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if that new Mariah Carey Barbie is too expensive. However, Urban Outfitters came to the rescue this year with their Hero yellow vinyl single, making it the perfect present for any Mariah Carey fan on your list.

At a price tag of 16.95 USD, the vinyl single in sunflower yellow from Urban Outfitters gives you two songs for the price of one. On the A-side, you will find “Hero” in its original version, and on the B-side, you will get the Spanish version of the same track called “Heroe”. Perfect for any Mariah Carey fan looking for the perfect gift on a budget, this vinyl single is a must-have addition to your holiday shopping list this Christmas season. Don’t miss out on the chance to spread some holiday cheer with this memorable present.

Get your copy here.

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