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Get Ready: Daniel Bedingfield’s Hidden Gem feat. Mariah Carey Unveiled

Mariah Carey Daniel Bedingfield

This year marks a revival in music. Kicking it off, the acclaimed “Saltburn” film breathed new life into Sophie Ellis-Baxtor’s hit “Murder on the Dancefloor,” featuring a spicy nude dance scene with Barry Keoghan. This brought the classic to the Billboard charts for the first time, landing at number 53. Despite its 2001 release, it’s Sophie Ellis-Baxtor’s inaugural entry on the Billboard Hot 100.

Continuing the trend, the film “Anyone But You” hopped on the classics train, reviving Natasha Bedingfield’s 2004 hit “Unwritten.” The movie’s embrace sent the song climbing the charts again, and its sustained presence in Spotify’s Global Top 50 promises further milestones and acclaim.

After years in the shadows since his 2002 hit “If You’re Not the One,” Daniel Bedingfield, Natasha’s brother, emerges back into the spotlight. His mission? Releasing long-lost tracks from his vault, including one featuring none other than the diva herself, Mariah Carey.

It’s true, Mariah Carey’s vault is legendary, filled with forgotten treasures waiting to be unveiled. Many of these, registered under her name and already listed here. But the thought of other artists holding onto tracks featuring her incredible voice, hidden away and unheard, feels like a musical crime.

Daniel recently disclosed that he collaborated with music icon Mariah Carey during the peak of his career. However, the track remained unreleased, stored away on his hard drives. Titled “Thousand Life Times,” this ballad promises to delight fans of both artists.

Expressing his decision to finally share the hit track, Daniel lamented, “It really burns a hole in my heart, just sitting there unreleased. The fans would love it.” In an interview with the Daily Star, he discussed his new business venture, aimed at unveiling many of his unreleased tracks to the public to gauge their potential virality.

Reflecting on the abundance of overlooked music, Daniel emphasized, “There are hundreds and thousands of songs that are recorded and left on hard drives, hundreds of the best albums I have ever heard that record companies have just never released.” Determined to change this, he outlined his plan to create a system to release these unreleased gems, driven by artists’ and fans’ passion.

Daniel’s tech company, H00ks, emerged from this vision, aiming to empower artists to unveil their past recordings. Through this venture, he aims to drop the ballad and other hidden gems. His strategy involves sharing short clips of unreleased recordings to gauge fan interest, leveraging social media to determine their potential success.

With H00ks, Daniel seeks to bridge the gap between artists, their unreleased music, and eager fans, ensuring that these hidden treasures finally see the light of day.

Mariah Carey Westlife

Back in 1999/2000, Mariah Carey collaborated with Westlife on “Against All Odds,” venturing into Your Majesty’s territories. Speculation suggests she might have explored collaborations with other prominent British artists during that time or later. Regardless, the news is now out: another song exists, adding to Mariah’s extensive list of unreleased tracks scattered worldwide.

The question naturally arises: who could possibly still be holding onto unheard music from such a legend, rather than sharing it with the world?

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