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Introducing Rainbow Pride Merch: Show Your Pride in Mariah Style

Mariah Carey Locker Room Pride

With Pride Month just one day away, Mariah Carey has delivered on her promise: her Pride merchandise has arrived. As expected, these items come with mildly steep prices, similar to other artist merchandise. In a promo video shared on her social media accounts, Mariah makes the announcement, with the anticipated Rainbow Interlude remix by David Morales playing in the background.

This time, Mariah’s merchandise is available through her Amazon store. With the usual delays on her website, along with geographical shipping restrictions and high prices, it’s refreshing to see Mariah embracing a global online platform. This move allows her international fans access to all products with local shipping rates and faster deliveries. So, what has Mariah and her team prepared for us this year?

The Rainbow T-Shirt

Alright, we’ve seen this before: the Rainbow cover on a t-shirt. While it’s certainly cute, it’s not exactly new. It feels more like Mariah Carey memorabilia than a Pride statement. And at $45, we’ll likely pass on this one.

Her second t-shirt is new. Is it a Pride statement? Not quite. It resembles a colorful 80s t-shirt that doesn’t strongly evoke Mariah or a Pride motif. Will we pay $45 to march in the parade with a t-shirt that displays a Cosmo glass and the word “Mariah” on top, as if we unearthed it from an old CD bundle purchase back in 1999? Probably not.

Hoodie and the Denim

Alright, we’ve found our first purchase: the hoodie. Despite its steep $90 price tag, it’s money better spent than the 45$ cocktail glass t-shirt. The front is clean, featuring just a Rainbow logo, making it perfect for the occasion. The back, however, displays the entire Rainbow album cover, reminiscent of those lion tattoos that cover an entire torso. It may not be as classy as we’d prefer, but this is Pride—subtlety and discretion don’t apply. Will we wear it to our local Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon in November? Probably not. But it’s still a definite buy.

The denim jacket on the other hand, lacks the ostentation of the hoodie. When you label a jacket as bedazzled, we expect something worthy of Jojo Siwa’s wardrobe or, if aiming for class, just enough sparkle and glitter to shine brightly in a room. However, while this jacket features some bedazzled “Mariah” lettering on the back that looks no better than a DIY kit, the front resembles a chef’s uniform. There’s no Pride, no rainbow—just plain white denim. Wearing this lackluster jacket to Pride wouldn’t be our top pick of the closet. And if we weren’t already convinced, the $200 price tag seals the deal: no thanks.

The Accessories

Let’s start with the tumbler. Who doesn’t need a thermos tumbler during a hot Pride parade? We need that cocktail on the rocks, and Mariah’s got us covered. However, the cocktail glass design and “Mariah” stamp aren’t our favorite artwork choices—we think she could have found better amateur artists on Fiverr. At $30, would we buy it? Meh.

The fan is a definite yes. Last year’s rainbow fan spelling out “SHADE” was our favorite merch ever, but it quickly sold out. It was fun, colorful, campy, and quintessentially Mariah. This year’s fan is slightly less fun but more Rainbow album, and it’s finally dedicated to Pride. For that, we’ve added it to our cart. While the shop lists it at $30, it’s actually on sale for $20 once you click on it and has already reached the number one bestseller spot in the category Decorative Swags, whatever that is.

Now for something fresh: the Rainbow cap. This has to be the cutest 80s-style Rainbow cap we’ve seen. Would we wear it? To every gay club in town. Does it specifically scream Pride? Who cares. It’s $30, and we’re definitely wearing it. Just a heads-up: make sure no one else is wearing it, as it’s already the number one bestseller in Men’s Novelty Baseball Caps. There’s a category for everything, what can we say.

And finally, the Rainbow Funko-Pop. It’s not something we’ll be carrying around at Pride festivities—we’d probably just end up losing it or finding it in places it shouldn’t be, depending on how the party ends. But it’s a cute stay-at-home merch pièce de résistance. Plus, it’s on sale for $22.77.

Are we blown away by Mariah’s Pride merch? Not exactly. The creativity seems minimal, and the Pride motif feels like an afterthought rather than a well-considered design. All in all, the cap is a must-have, and we hope she brings back the Shade fan next year. As for the rest? They’re okay, but we’d probably be better off finding funner and more fashionable Mariah Pridewear on Etsy at a fraction of the price.

In the meantime, we wish everyone a Happy Pride!

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