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7 Days Later: The Impact of Mariah Carey’s ‘Made For Me’ Remix and ‘Portrait’ EP

Mariah Carey Caution

Mariah Carey’s legendary multi-decade career speaks for itself. Fortunately for all her devoted lambs, she shows no signs of slowing down. Just last week, fans were treated to a double delight: Mariah’s feature on Muni Long’s “Made For Me” and the release of a captivating one-hour Audible episode detailing the making of “Portrait.” This episode was accompanied by the release of the “Portrait” EP, featuring three new remixes.

So, how well were these releases received? Let’s delve into the numbers.

‘Made For Me’ Remix with Mariah Carey

Historically, Mariah’s latest releases have drawn some modest streaming numbers. Understandable as her peak stardom occured during the physical sales era. And garnering new young fans who are heavy on streaming, gets harder with the female ageism phenomenon in the music industry. Nevertheless the ‘Made For Me’ remix, featuring Mariah Carey, has done exceptionally well when compared with multiple previous releases, amassing over 1 million streams on Spotify alone in just one week. This phenomenal achievement not only surpasses the streaming numbers of many of Muni Long’s previous releases but also highlights the powerful appeal of this collaboration. The remix has resonated with listeners globally, capturing attention and generating buzz across social media platforms.

The song’s release date was also reflected in its impressive chart performance. It has peaked at number 16 in Australia, 11 in Belgium, 3 in Brazil, 19 in France, 16 in South Africa, 11 in the USA, and 16 in the UK on iTunes’ daily charts. Furthermore, in the R&B/Soul genre on iTunes, ‘Made For Me’ clinched the number one spot in over 20 countries. This widespread acclaim underscores the track’s universal appeal and the magnetic synergy between Muni Long and Mariah Carey.

‘Portrait’ EP: A Caution Ressurrection

Portrait was Carey’s heartpouring ending track for her latest studio album, Caution. Almost six years after its release, the track was receiving less than 1000 streams daily. Currently, since the EP release last week, the song is amassing a daily 25 thousand streams.

Carey’s ‘Portrait’ EP, comprising four tracks, is a testament to her artistic evolution and versatility. The lead track, ‘Portrait,’ has experienced a meteoric rise, finally surpassing 5 million streams on Spotify. . This surge in popularity underscores the profound impact of the EP on listeners and its ability to capture their imaginations.

The other tracks on the EP, including ‘The Hopeful Child (Remix Edit),’ have also performed exceptionally well. In just one week, ‘The Hopeful Child (Remix Edit)’ has garnered over 250,000 streams which is quite an unprecedented number for a remix of a previously song – over 100 of Mariah’s remixes haven’t even reached 100 thousand streams on the platform after months of availability.

The success of the ‘Portrait’ EP extends beyond streaming numbers. It has achieved remarkable chart performance, becoming the number one EP on iTunes in the R&B/Soul Daily charts in over 20 countries.

Mariah Carey People

While these aren’t major single releases from Mariah to promote a new album, the numbers they’ve achieved far exceed her usual streaming figures for recent releases. Only the “yes, and?” remix with Ariana Grande garnered higher opening streaming numbers for Mariah. Notably, even without heavy promotion, tracks like the “Portrait Remix Edit” have amassed a quarter of a million streams. It seems lambs, both old and new, have finally started to embrace streaming platforms—especially considering none of these releases were accompanied by physical copies.

But as hardcore fans, whether it’s one stream or a million, we cherish the fact that a legendary icon with such a vast catalog continues to give us the thrill of adding new tracks to it. We can be grateful for having chosen to be fans of the best, celebrating every new release and the joy it brings.

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