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Made For Me Remix: Muni Long and Mariah Carey Collaboration Out Now

Mariah Carey Muni Long Made for me remix

The day has finally arrived. Initially teased by Jermaine Dupri in an Instagram snippet earlier this month and later confirmed by Muni Long herself, the Mariah Carey remix of “Made For Me” is now available on streaming platforms and digital download stores worldwide.

Released on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 9 PM EST, the Mariah Carey remix of ‘Made For Me‘ dropped ahead of a special Muni Long performance on The Voice.

Since most new releases drop at midnight, this time alteration left fans refreshing their streaming platforms all night to no avail.

But the song is finally here. It begins with a faded background whistle note, leading into the second verse where Mariah takes over, adding a fresh twist to the original melody and lyrics. As the chorus kicks in, Mariah’s expert vocal decorations shine through, enhancing the song without overpowering it, unlike some criticisms she faced during the “yes, and?” remix with Ariana Grande.

As the song reaches its end, it feels surprisingly short, with Mariah’s participation flashing by quickly. Perhaps that’s the beauty of this remix: while sticking to the original backbone, Mariah adds a new verse, some background whistles, and a multi-vocal arrangement in the final chorus, all while maintaining the subtlety and quiet beauty of the R&B track.

While the original track is currently just below the Top 50, the remix is poised to boost its traction significantly. However, similar to the “yes, and?” remix, for the Mariah Carey version to be credited on the charts, it must account for more than 50% of the song’s streaming activity, sales, and radio play throughout the week.

We love the song. Not overpowered, simple and yet beautifully crafted.

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