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Yes and? The Day After

We’ve all heard it, resonating worldwide. We purchased, downloaded, and streamed “yes and?” (featuring Mariah Carey) tirelessly throughout the day. Now, after a dedicated effort from lambs and all supporters, let’s delve into the outcomes.

“Yes and? (with Mariah Carey)” made its debut on Friday, February 16, 2024. Unlike other releases, the remix hit the airwaves five hours later. Consequently, all metrics represent 19 hours of availability, contrasting with the full 24 hours enjoyed by other tracks.

Digital Sales

Let’s start with digital sales: itunes. While we were unable to pull data from other downloading platforms such as Amazon, we have every itunes download for the first 19 hours.

The track premiered at the top spot on iTunes globally and secured number one positions in select countries like the Philippines, Singapore, and Portugal. However, the achievement loses significance upon closer examination: merely 2 downloads in the Philippines and 3 in Portugal.

In countries with significant fan bases like Brazil and Japan, the song garnered only 7 and 0 downloads respectively on its debut day. However, the USA showed strong support with 1927 downloads (1551 explicit and 376 clean versions). Globally, the total amounted to 2528 downloads on day one. Although worldwide downloads only factor into Billboard Global 200 rankings, the USA’s 1927 downloads positioned it second, closely trailing behind Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold’ Em” and will definitely be a welcome boost for the Billboard Hot 100.

Physical Downloads

You can now purchase the $1.99 USD CD on Ariana Grande’s website, with shipping available within the US. In the initial 24 hours, 5882 physical units were dispatched, leaving 14 thousand units available. For those in countries where the CD isn’t accessible, alternative methods exist to obtain it while contributing to the Billboard Hot 100 count.

YouTube Views

With one lyric video to accompany the audio release (see above), the video garnered 942 thousand views in its first 19 hours. This value will be credited towards the Billboard Global 200.

While there isn’t a public way of assessing for now which views came from the US alone, extrapolation of 16.4% US YouTube users would give us a rough 154 thousand views. Although historically, this is usually much higher when it comes to Mariah Carey viewership.


Let’s kick off with global streams on the Spotify platform: “Yes and? remix” amassed 2,226,431 streams worldwide, securing the 55th position. However, considering the song’s availability five hours later than others, this reflects 19 hours of streaming. These streams contribute to the Billboard Global 200 chart.

In the US, the song premiered on Spotify at number 32, amassing 727,884 streams during the same period. Apart from contributing to the Billboard Global 200, these figures will also impact the Billboard Hot 100.

Although figures for Apple Music in the US and worldwide are pending, certain countries have already charted the song within the shorter accounting time period. For instance, it reached #4 in Brazil, #8 in Lebanon, and #48 in the Philippines.

Mariah Carey Ariana Grande

So far, the remix has accounted for higher metrics than the original. For Billboard Hot 100 purposes, if the remix is responsible for more than 50% of points than the original, the remix will be accredited on the chart. In that case, all metrics from the original and the remix will be added for charting purposes into one: the remix.

Needless to mention, we still have 6 full days ahead to factor in various sources of music consumption. With multiple sales recorded on its debut day, including US downloads and physical singles, the track has already amassed an additional equivalent of 1,000,000 streams, contributing to Hot 100 Billboard points. Until then, keep dancing, and remember – every action counts, whether it’s streaming, downloading, purchasing, or viewing. Above all, let’s relish another timeless addition to Mariah’s already remarkable catalog.

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