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Resurrecting Music Box This Week

Mariah Carey Music Box

On February 2, 2024, music enthusiasts and loyal fans of Mariah Carey eagerly anticipate the physical release of the Music Box 30th Anniversary Edition, a timeless album that left an indelible mark on the music industry upon its original debut in 1993. Back then, Music Box not only showcased Mariah’s unparalleled vocal range and songwriting prowess but also captured the hearts of millions worldwide with its emotive ballads and catchy tunes. As one of Mariah’s best-selling albums, Music Box dominated the charts, becoming a cultural phenomenon and solidifying Mariah’s status as a music icon.

Reflecting on its impact nearly three decades later, fans and critics alike ponder whether the re-release of Music Box will reignite interest in Mariah’s classic work and propel the album back into the spotlight. With its timeless melodies and profound lyrical content, Music Box has the potential to captivate a new generation of listeners while reigniting nostalgia for longtime fans. As the album hits shelves once again, the question lingers: Can we reignite the fervor and acclaim that surrounded Music Box in 1993 and put it back on the radar next week?

Physical Sales: Where and How?

Mariah has pre-released two physical editions: the CD version and the beloved vinyl. Physical releases are traditional and make albums buzz on charts easily. Globally, the math is simple: 1 album sale equals 1 equivalent sale. However, it’s also the costliest method. Fortunately, since reissues, deluxe, and anniversary editions count sales towards the original album release, there are numerous ways to do this:

  • The official Mariah Carey store has already sold out the vinyl and CD editions of the Anniversary edition (all pre-orders will count towards the sales week Feb 2, 2024 – Feb 8, 2024). That itself speaks volumes. However, if you still want to show your support on the official site, the original Music Box cassette is still on sale for $15.95 USD.

Music Box cassette

  • Amazon, the biggest online retailer at the moment, has available stock of the Anniversary Editions for pre-sale all over the globe. The US store, for example, has the vinyl edition at a retail price of $63.14, while the CD has been set at $38.97. However, when searching Amazon stores around the globe, prices fluctuate greatly, with cheaper CDs in Europe, for example, but pricier vinyls.

Music Box 30 Vinyl

  • However, if you’re on a budget and still want to show your support this week, the audio CD of the original version is on sale on the US Amazon store for $7.96. However, make sure you purchase original versions from Feb. 2 onwards to aid the buzz, of course.


Harnessing the Power of Digital Downloads

Many people still enjoy “owning” their own music digitally. When it comes to charting and sales certifications, this method carries more weight than streaming. However, concerning buzz, there’s something you need to know:

The anniversary edition has 36 tracks. If you decide to download the album (one click only), your download counts as one album sale. Rightfully so.

However, if you download the tracks individually (clicking one at a time), different metrics apply: for individually downloaded tracks, one album sale is counted as 10 individual tracks. Therefore, if you download each of the 36 tracks individually, you have contributed 3.6 equivalent album sales for the Billboard charts and the RIAA, or other certification entities. So if you’re going to do it anyway, why not do it the “right” way?

Streaming Music Box

This method is the most cost-effective way to generate buzz for the album, but it’s also intricate. Certification sales entities equate 150 streams to 1 single sale or 1500 streams to 1 album sale. However, Billboard Charts have different criteria.

Album charts globally use the 1500/1 method, while streaming charts tally the number of streams. And while all of these streams will count towards album sales and album charts in most countries, these only count towards your country’s album charts (eg. album streams in India will count towards India album sales and Indian album charts)

However, for Billboard Global 200 (music consumption around the world), 200 premium streams equal one track, while free services (Free ad-supported Spotify or Youtube) need 900 streams for one equivalent single sale. 

Billboard Global 200 is based on digital sales and online streaming from over 200 territories. However, when accounting for video streams, it only tallies views from official channels (Mariah Carey Youtube Channel or VEVO). 

But, it only accounts for single songs. Therefore focusing efforts on one song benefits single and album sales, Spotify charts, and Billboard Global 200.

Our preference leans towards “Workin’ Hard,” but we’re eager to see if any fans join efforts or host streaming parties. Or we could simply jump on the bandwagon and capitalize on “Without You”‘s already 120 thousand daily streams.

But whatever you decide to do, from Feb 2 – Feb 8 2024, whether you buy, download, stream or watch a video – do something. Any small action related to Music Box this week will definitely count towards something, and together, create the buzz. We’ll be scanning the web to give updates on how it’s going and where. And why not start now by watching the video below:

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