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Join the Celebration: Mariah Carey Fans Unite to Buy ‘It’s Like That

Mariah Carey It's Like that

As revealed earlier this week, Mariah’s Vegas comeback is just one day away. And when Mariah offers us something to anticipate, the lambily springs into action, unleashing justice hashtags, eagerly awaiting history or, in this case, justice, to unfold.

As Mariah graces Vegas once more, the buzz is real. Tomorrow, April 11th, the world unites to purchase the song “It’s Like That” featuring Jermaine Dupri. Mark your calendars and get ready to download from your preferred music platform!

Why Choose ‘It’s Like That’?

Not only was Mariah Carey making a comeback from the Glitter debacle and Charmbracelet underperformance, but the song also served as the lead single for her “comeback” album, The Emancipation of Mimi.

The track reached number 16 on the Billboard charts at a time when the world remained skeptical about Mariah’s next move and the fate of her career. Yet, “Mimi’s Emancipation, a cause for celebration,” and the unforgettable line “dem chickens is ash and I’m lotion” remain etched in our memories.

The song was complemented by one of Mariah’s most sophisticated music videos to date. With her adorned in long, sleek hair and a dazzling D’Squared S/S ’05 dress, meticulously bedazzled for her, the outcome was simply breathtaking and flawlessly suited for the comeback that defined Emancipation.

Mariah Carey It's Like That dress

What’s the Game Plan?

What’s the objective behind this mass download? Let’s break it down realistically—what’s within reach and what’s probably not.

What we will not achieve

Number One on the Billboard charts. No need to explain the metrics needed for this, and a campaign scheduled for a Thursday, the last day of the charting week, is not even a tickle in the number 100 position.

What we might conquer

However, as we’ve mentioned numerous times before, reaching the top of the iTunes chart is no longer an insurmountable task; we achieved it with Glitter. Why? Because music purchasing habits have shifted, particularly with the dominance of streaming services. Fans are more likely to download as a gesture of support. That said, while approximately 2000 downloads may be needed to top the iTunes chart in the US (depending on daily competition), some countries, like the Philippines and Portugal, can achieve number one with just 2 or 3 downloads.

And who wouldn’t want to wake up to headlines screaming “Lambily Achieves Justice for ‘It’s Like That’ as it Skyrockets to Number One on iTunes Worldwide Charts Just Before Her Vegas Celebration Show”? We do, that’s who.

Streaming can further amplify the buzz if we aim for a headline. Presently boasting 83 million streams on Spotify and 77 million views on YouTube, accelerating the song’s trajectory towards the 100 million milestone wouldn’t hurt. But then again, we’re doing it just for kicks. With a current daily average of 45 thousand streams, we anticipate tomorrow will mark the song’s highest streaming day yet. And we’ll be monitoring closely.

And with these headlines, perhaps Mariah’s team will consider updating the song’s certifications. Currently holding Silver status in the UK and Gold in Australia and the US, indicating 500,000 equivalent units sold, the song’s last certification was in 2005.

With tomorrow’s downloads and extra streaming, and all the streaming and sales since 2005, it just might be time for that platinum RIAA award. And that’s what we’ll get: the buzz, the headlines, and maybe that extra platinum. As usual, whatever you do, every little thing counts. One thing’s for sure: Mariah’s coming. And ‘it’s cause for celebration‘!

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