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Mariah Carey Kicks Off Vegas Residency with Spectacular Debut

Mariah Carey Vegas 2024

The anticipation ends as Mariah Carey takes the stage for her Vegas spectacle, “The Celebration of Mimi.” With over 96% of tickets sold, she’s extended the run with 8 additional dates from July 26 to August 10 at the same Las Vegas venue, to be sold after April 19th.

But before we get into the night’s details, let’s get into the most awaited treasure of the night: 

The Setlist

Act 1: Debut / Emotions / Music Box

Mariah Carey Vegas 2024

Act 2: Daydream

Act 3: The Butterfly Medley

Act 4: The Celebration of Mimi


That’s 27 complete songs, with medleys to accommodate ensemble changes. Now, let’s delve into these performances for a moment.

Mariah Carey Stuns with Powerful Rendition of ‘Without You’

Alright, as massive fans of Mariah Carey and realists, let’s address this. How robust were Mariah Carey’s vocals? Her ability to belt out tunes of the past, surpassing recent live performances, assures us that she’s here for much, much more.
That said, let’s kick off with “Without You.” Uncommon for US performances, this song demands solid belting for the chorus, something Mariah has avoided in recent years. Not this time: a full chorus, devoid of distracting gimmicks, and the newly added final whistle were among the highlights. We’re “obsessed” with this performance.

Mariah Carey’s Butterfly Medley Performance

We’re aware that this album holds a special place in Mariah’s heart. However, the surprise of a full album overview, featuring tracks like “Breakdown” and “Babydoll,” last performed live in 2016, caught us off guard. Similarly, tackling the vocally challenging “Butterfly,” last performed in 2006, was unexpected. Set against the backdrop of a “Butterfly Lounge,” this setting perfectly highlighted how Mariah’s vocals remain melismatic, effortlessly reaching high and low notes, without the mishaps of past performances.

Mariah Carey Vegas 2024

The Celebration of Mimi

In Act 4, the Emancipation era came to life. Mariah kicked off with “I Wish You Knew,” last performed in 2006, before delving into the album’s singles and beloved cuts like “Your Girl” and “Circles.” Notably, “Circles” was fully performed live for the first time yesterday.

Not only did she encore with “Fly Like a Bird,” but she also revisited the iconic low-cut dress from her 2006 Grammys performance, in upgraded fashion.

Mariah’s vocals, hitting golden notes rather than shying away, make this a truly unforgettable show. And have we mentioned that new ending to “Without You”? 

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